White Pass and Yukon

US Army Engines 10 & 14


US Army 10 and 14 Were ET&WNC #10 and #14 (East Tennessee & Western North Carolina)

10 on ET&WNC

14 on ET&WNC

10 ready to leave ET&WNC,

May 1942

They worked on WP&YR from about fall 1942 to summer 1943

14, Winter of 1942-43

Sent for rebuilding at South Tacoma Shops of Northern Pacific, summer 1943 .

Trains, Sep. 1943

Enlarged view


Enlarged view of 10

Enlarged view of 14


Enlarged view


Returned and served on WP&Y until Whitehorse enginehouse fire December 25, 1943. Distinguishing features after the rebuild are the insulated smokebox and the removal of the stack cap.

10, Working in Alaska


On December 25, 1943, theWhitehorse enginehouse burned with 10, 14, and 51 inside

10 and 14 after fire, looking north.

South engine in foreground

north engine behind

10 after fire

This is the north engine


The north engine

The south engine

The south engine

Returned to Auburn, Washington for sale or scrapping after the war along with much other surplus equipment.

14 in Auburn Washington, March 29, 1946.


Another view of 14 in Auburn.

The center light color tender

(rusted after fire?)

may be from 10 or 14

Can anyone share any other photos of 10 or 14 back in the US or in Alaska? Please email me