White Pass & Yukon Route

The arrival and assembly of #71

Created 9-8-00

This locomotive was unloaded from a ship on 3-26-39. By 4-4-39 it appears ready to go to work. This was done in a shop with no heavy lifting equipment!

Pictures were scanned from photos of two album or display pages with small photos. Photos 6 and 8 of the series were not used in the album.

0. Introduction

1. On the ship 3-26-39 (note the 3 dome tank car also arriving)

2. Cab box being unloaded 3-26-39

3. Boiler being unloaded 3-26-39 (note car pusher? behind flat)

4. Tank box being unloaded 3-26-39 (car pusher on right)

5. Cylinder box being unloaded 3-26-39 (car pusher on right)

6. Missing

7. Tender frame being unloaded 3-26-39

8. Missing

9. Tender completed 3-29-39 (note Fordson shop switcher)

10. Frame and running gear completed 3-29-39

11. Boiler added to chassis 3-30-39 (note Fordson shop switcher)

12. Cab added to boiler/chassis 3-30-39

13. Smokebox door and stack 4-1-39 (note Fordson shop switcher)

14. Tender being connected 4-2-39 (note Fordson shop switcher)

15. Finished, ready to go to work 4-4-39