White Pass & Yukon Route

Bruce Pryor

 Carcross dated aerial photos

Railroad construction from Carcross to Whitehorse started in 1899. A fire on December 24, 1909 destroyed the Caribou Hotel, the WP&Y station, and more. This set of photos is from before the 1909 fire. During the construction period and shortly after there was an enginehouse in Carcross.

A 1910 map

The BYN warehouse before the swing bridge was built.

From the stockyard to the sawmill. The sawmill and enginehouse burned in ?

1903. No large buildings across from the station. The canvas BYN warehouse is temporarily uncovered.

The station is behind the log building. One building is across from the station.

Two large buildings across from the station.

Three large buildings across from the station.

A view from farther south.

The section house in 1903. It is in the same position as shown on the 1910 map.

An enlarged view of the section house.

Photos of the first station

1910 to mid-1920's. The Caribou Hotel, rebuilt in 1910, is in the present location. Matthew Watson's General Store has not yet been combined into one building. The station's freight section was extended about 1925. The water tank was moved to the river. A new track was added, making 2 overlapping wyes with a crossing.

1910 map showing new track location.

Station still has short freight section

Station still has short freight section

Something is stacked high between dock and station. What is white building behind Caribou?

Something is stacked high between dock and station.

Freight section lengthened. Crossing shows above paddlewheel

Photos of the second station

Air view showing longer station and added track. White building now appears farther away. Notice the 2 floatplanes and the long building about where the enginehouse used to be.

Enlarged view of bridge and station area.

Enlarged view of wye area.

Enlarged view of long building.

The rebuilt Caribou Hotel.

Looking south. New track not added yet.

Second water tank location south of swing bridge

Late 1920's to 1950's. The main distinguishing feature of photographs from this period is that Matthew Watson's General Store has been combined into one building. During WWII, much of the material for the Canol pipeline was unloaded at Carcross. There are few if any track changes from the previous period.

The individual buildings were combined into one.

Looking north from the bridge.

Another view of Watson's and the Caribou Hotel.

Carcross was a busy place in WWII. The photographer was probably standing on one of the beached steamers.

Unloading pipe for the Canol pipeline. This location is north of the Caribou Hotel.

1950's to 1980's There were many track changes during this period. A ramp was built and later removed. In 1955, Tutshi was retired and the docks and warehouse tracks no longer needed. The station was painted a tan color. The section house was removed. During the 1969 upgrading for the Anvil mine traffic, the siding and wye tail were extended and the bridge strengthened with steel beams underneath. Dates and sequence of events are often my best guess. Please respond if you have definite dates or sequence of events.

This is the 1910 map again with notes about track changes.

Aerial photo made during this period. The north Klondike Highway bridge approach is under construction.

Tutshi retired at first position with track alongside but no longer going to the warehouse. The highway bridge is finished.

The ramp was added over part of the original wye.

A color photo matching the previous scene.

Section house to left, ramp and flatcar behind Duchess, roof of tie plant over 2nd diesel.


Tutshi has been moved to the final position over the roadbed of part of the original wye. An isolated track is still in position beside the warehouse.

The bridge had steel beams added underneath to handle the additional Anvil mine traffic. Reports are that it only opened 3 times to let boats out of Lake Bennett in 1900, then was never opened again.

Carcross tie treatment plant

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