White Pass & Yukon Route

Freight Cars

Stock Cars

Stock Car 741 with a load of barrels

Stock Car 955

Stock Car Diagram

Flat Cars

Wood flat cars (12 photos)

Short Flat Car R1

The drawing for a standard flat car was used with only the numbers changed.

Flat Car R1 made from a tender underframe

Depressed Center Flat Cars


514  608

570 in the backyard

570 in Whitehorse 1939
No RR name
Repair to right end

514, 604, and B-02

B-02, 604, and 514




692 and others
Upper side and roof


New boxcars



 Dump and Hopper cars
Page Dump Cars - Four purchased in 1899, eight in 1901

Car 312

Page cars at quarry

Page cars with coal
at Skagway
coal bunker
Page Dump Car Patent.pdf

Page Dump Car

Tank cars

Tank 1 and 5 diagram

Tank 5 at Skagway

Tank cars 2 and 4-no diagram or photo. Do you have one?

Tank cars 3 and 6 diagram

Tank car 3 at Bennett

Tank car 6 at Carcross

Tank cars 7, 9, and 11 diagram

7, 9 or 11 at Whitehorse, WWII era

Tank 11 at Whitehorse after dome change

Tank cars 8 and 10 diagram

Tank 10 on flat car

WP&Y bought some standard guage tank cars and put them on narrow gauge trucks.


Ex-standard gauge car on narrow gauge trucks

Tank 69 again

A big one's end and tank 39

Tank 71

WWII and later freight cars

The US Army brought boxcars from Colorado & Southern and also some export models.  After WWII, some were purchased or exchanged by WP&Y.

Later the WP&Y bought surplus boxcar frames from  Hawaii.

The center flat car in foreground at Skagway wharf is an ex-military boxcar without the box.

Army boxcars from Colorado on the White Pass docks in WWII.

A note on their color

Hawaiian boxcar underframe being unloaded at Skagway.

WWII Army boxcar--More photos needed.

This export boxcar was built for South America to the same plan as the Army boxcars on the White Pass. The Army boxcars were diverted from a South American order.

One USA ex-Colorado boxcar and 2 export style boxcars between a 190 class locomotive and a 250 class (K28) locomotive.

After WWII equipment was brought back to Auburn, Washington for storage, sale, or scrapping.

Surplus Army boxcars from WP&Y stored in Auburn, Washington, 3-29-46

Closeup of export-style boxcar

Closeup of ex-C&S boxcars and caboose conversions

Ex-C&S US Army flat cars on each end of WP&YR flat car R1 during WWII

Depressed Center Flat Cars

Freight Containers

The first WP&Y containers were nearly cubical. Later ones were 25 feet 3 inches long.

Early style container

Late style heated, insulated container.

Late style heated, insulated container.

Ore containers

The earlier ore containers were long and were carried one on a flat car.

Ore container loader near Whitehorse

The later model short ore containers were carried 2 on a flat car

Short ore container

Short ore container



Flat & Container cars

and container unloading stands were converted
for standard 20 foot containers during the last years of freight operation.

The standard freight container was 25ft. 3in. long and sat on the cones farthest back, originally at deck level. The nearest cones are for the long ore containers. The car was adapted to common 20 ft. containers by raising the original freight container cones and adding the angles in between the 2 sets of cones to hold the corners of the 20 ft. containers.

Container flat car adapted for 20 ft. containers

Container unloading stand adapted for 20 ft. containers by adding the intermediate set of legs-Whitehorse

300-400 class flat plan as built for the long ore containers.
End Stencil Diagram
Side Stencil Diagram
Container Cone Plan


ASF Estado truck

ASF Estado truck

Archbar truck

Barber roller bearing truck