White Pass & Yukon Route


Gasoline motor car

Purchased in 1907 for $700.74
Still on 1949 equipment list 

Buda 100

Purchased in 1912 for $1932.20 including transportation charges.
Burned in 1932 roundhouse fire.

Buda ad with model 100 illustration

Buda 100 comments

Number 1

No. 1 Paige diagram
Purchased in 1937 for $1185.06
Written off in 1947

Paige on Skagway turntable

Paige before 4-wheel front truck

Paige in flood

Paige in flood

Paige in Whitehorse

Whitehorse Star article

Number 2 Ford


No. 2 Ford

Purchased in 1937 for #3258.55
Wrecked in WWII

No. 2 Ford

Number 3 Fordson tractor

Fordson diagram, as used on WP&YR.
It isn't yet known if WP&YR or Frye Farms made the changes.

Purchased in 1936.  Scrapped in 1946.

Fordson rail tractor/crane
used as shop switcher

Leaving the Skagit factory, headed for Frye farms

Rear view at Skagit factory

At work on Frye Farms,

before going to WP&YR


Number 4 Willys Jeep

Willys Jeep
Purchased in 1947 for $3151.76
Scrapped in 1955

A likely color for the WP&YR Jeep

Number 5

The latest, the Red Line, built 1998.

More photos

Taku Tram  Ford Motorcar 
In service on Taku Tram and Carcross

In Skagway storage